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Tracheal tube

Tracheostomy tube 520000

Oxygen mask 410000


Face mask with cushion


Oxygen connecting tube

Nasal oxygen cannula

CPR mask

Manual suction pump

Breathing system 540000

CVP manometer scale

3-way stopcock 710000

Yankauer suction handle

Suction catheter with control valve

Closed Suction Catheter








      Hangzhou Jinlin Medical Appliances Co., Ltd (KYOLING) is changed from Hangzhou Medical

Appliances Factory which established in 1958. In 1993, the branch of Hangzhou Medical Appliances Factory was jointed with Kyochu Trading Company to set up Hangzhou Jinlin Medical Appliances Co., Ltd (KYOLING). it's the first company to make disposable tracheal tubes in China and one of the backbone enterprises in medical disposable products industry in China. KYOLING is located in Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. There are many world-famous enterprises and transnational companies had been introduced into this zone. In 2011, we set up a factory at Xuancheng to make disposable respiratory therapy products, this factory covers 33,3333m2.

      Our main products are anesthesia products, respiratory therapy products and emergency product. We register our products in China and get GMP in China; have certificate of ISO13485 and CE; register in FDA and get 510K for some products; get the accreditation certificate of foreign medical device manufacturer in Japan. Our products are sold both for domestic market and international market: 50% for domestic market, 50% for international market, the main market is USA and Europe.

      We have been focusing on the quality of products, supplying products in good quality with reasonable prices is our responsibility.

Business Policy:
Satisfactions of customers make our company prosper
Let customers feel our high enthusiasm and good faith 
Do our best to create good health for human beings

Quality Policy:
      Provide products making customers satisfaction

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                                                                                                      E-mail: [email protected]

                                                       Address: No. 9, 16th Ave. Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone,Hangzhou, China
                                                                                                                    Postcode: 310018
                                                                                         Tel0086-571-86840896          Fax0086-571-86840897


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